Nic Nichols - Inside the mind of a creative beast

In this episode of the HYPECAST, we sat down with Nic Nichols the founder and director of 40/40 creative. Nic is one of the OG’s in the branding and creative space on the Gold Coast with his agency working with the likes of Uber, Foot Locker & Platypus. Nic and Sel have worked on multiple projects over the years and the HYPE team are constantly inspired by the work that 40/40 put out which led to discussions around the following topics:

– How Nic handles the creative process for different works

– Dealing with clients

– What it takes to start an agency

– Tips for creatives looking to start their own business

We would like to apologise in advance for the audio technical difficulties we experienced with this podcast. You’ll notice that the audio is quite faint due to microphone issues so you’ll need to turn up the audio on this one!

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We hope you enjoyed the episode!