Sel Berdie - How to become an action person and get results.

What’s up guys, Miles here! In this episode of the HYPECAST, we mixed it up! I got to sit down with my fellow HYPECAST co-host, Sel Berdie and interview him! Sel has built multiple seven figure businesses, is my co-director in HYPE Group, co-director in CMBT Nutrition, owner of BSKT Wholefoods, co-owner of BSKT cafe plus more…trust me, there is a thing or two you can learn from this guy that I am lucky to call my friend and business partner.

I didn’t even get to touch the edges in this episode, but we did get to touch on topics, including:

– Who you should and shouldn’t give your energy to

– Paying more attention to energy over time

– Output over busy-ness to get the end result

– The power of genuine network building

We hope you enjoy the episode, if you did, please let us know, share with your friends or anyone you think would benefit! We appreciate your support and all who subscribe to our channel and continue to join us for the HYPECAST!