Alpha Babes - Finding a F#^ing Way

In this week’s episode of HYPECAST, we sat down with Alpha Babes sisters Hannah and Meah who are revolutionising the PT game. Through a combination of mindset training and physical coaching, Alpha Babes delivers an online program to women that helps them overcome any barriers that stand in the way of a fit and healthy lifestyle and allows them to achieve their full potential.

Alpha Babes’ unique, holistic approach to training provided us with valuable insight into another aspect of training that is often overlooked or not actively supported: mental wellbeing. There were a couple of firsts for us on this podcast. It was the first time we’ve ever had two relatives on the show and it was also the first time we had to stop halfway as the power went out.

We did however, channel the girl’s motto of “find a F#^ing way” and powered through discussing everything from:

– Overcoming your insecurities

– Channelling the Alpha in you

– What is holding you back and how to overcome it

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We appreciate your support and all who subscribe to our channel and continue to join us for the HYPECAST! Find out more about Meah and Hannah and their mission of empowerment:

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