Joseph Coyne - Making Contenders Champions at the UFC Performance Institute in China

In this episode of the HYPECAST, we chatted with Joseph Coyne, the Director of Performance of the UFC Performance Institute in Shanghai, China. If you’re at all interested in combat sports, you would know the significance of this position Joseph holds, being at the pinnacle of combat sports performance. Joseph leads a team of technical and non-technical coaches that manage the day to day training regimes of some of the highest level UFC athletes China’s emerging combat sports talent.

We discussed all things sports performance, with a focus on combat sports athletes and what it takes from going from being a contender to a champion.

We hope you enjoy the episode! We are sorry about a few technical issues we had throughout the episode.

To see more of Joseph, follow him on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-coyne/?originalSubdomain=au