Performance Marketing, Content & Campaign Development.

Healthe Care is one of the leading private hospital operators in Australia, delivering clinical best practice and positive patient outcomes.

Hype Group was engaged to manage the Performance Marketing, Social Media Management and content creation for its Robina, Brunswick and The Hills hospitals.

It was our goal to increase the awareness of these facilities, educate the local population of the services offered, the quality of the services and the practising physicians, as well as increase referrals and leads.

Healthe Care employs near 7,000 people across a portfolio of 34 private healthcare facilities sites across Australia and New Zealand.

What we achieved

Robina Private was forced to open new floors
to cater for the influx of new patients

Robina Private are now in the process of
opening a new ward

Brunswick Private has opened a new mental health unit in response to increased patient activity


impressions collectively


increase in social media engagement


increased growth of social media audience